Optional Lunch Program

Siena Catholic Academy student receiving her optional lunch from her father who is volunteering to hand out lunches.

Siena Catholic Academy student receiving her optional lunch from her father who was volunteering to hand out lunches.

Optional lunch orders are placed online.

If a Security Certificate pop up window appears when using the order form, please click “Yes”, for I want to continue.                           

Submitting your Lunch Order OnLine Process:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Fill out form completely.
  3. Use tab to move quickly around form.   
  4. Using tab to skip an item will automatically insert a zero quantity for that item. EACH FIELD MUST HAVE A QUANTITY (even if it is 0).
  5. Click the SUBMIT FORM button. You will receive an email confirmation of your order(s), with payment due and lunches ordered.
  6. Send your payment (marked with student name and homeroom) to your child’s homeroom teacher before the deadline. Please send cash or check made payable to Siena Catholic Academy. 
  7. Once your payment has been received a confirmation of payment will be emailed to you.You may now consider your child’s lunch order finalized. 

Click here for the lunch order form.

Optional Lunch Order Information 2016-2017 Cycle 3

Our makeup days for those lunches missed due to school closings will be as follows:

Thursday, 6/1     makeup for Thurs 1/26

Friday, 6/2          makeup for Fri 1/27

Monday, 6/5       makeup for Mon 11/21

Tuesday, 6/6       makeup for Tues 3/14

Wednesday, 6/7  makeup for Wed 3/15

Thursday, 6/8     makeup for Thurs 3/9

Friday, 6/9          makeup for Fri 3/10

We will post lists in the dining hall the last week of May, so that students can see what they ordered on the above makeup days.

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