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Siena Catholic Academy is the only Catholic middle school in Monroe County unaffiliated with a high school.?? As a co-educational school devoted entirely to middle school students in sixth through eighth grade, we value these years of wonder and growth and celebrate the enthusiasm and creativity of the young men and women who have one foot in childhood and the other in adulthood.?? We recognize that these young people are not only growing physically, but intellectually, emotionally, morally, and spiritually.?? There is no better place for a student to be during this crucial period in their lives than in a supportive community in which they can test their limits without being judged and are encouraged to become their own best version of their ideal selves.?? We offer models of faith and intellect, of commitment and passion, of love and hope, but we also know that each child will forge his or her own path toward fulfillment and purpose.?? Siena Catholic Academy forms young men and women of conscience, competence, and compassion.

Siena Catholic Academy
2617 East Ave.
Rochester, NY 14610
Phone: (585) 381-1220
Fax: (585) 381-1223
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© 2021 Siena Catholic Academy   |  
© 2021 Siena Catholic Academy   |  
© 2021 Siena Catholic Academy   |  
|   Phone: (585) 381-1220   |   Fax: (585) 381-1223   |
© 2021 Siena Catholic Academy   |  
© 2021 Siena Catholic Academy   |