Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement

Siena Catholic Academy nurtures the faith and intellect of students in grades six through eight in the Greater Rochester area. Recognizing that every child is a gift from God, Siena provides academic, spiritual, emotional, and athletic programs that enhance students’ lives so that they might reach their full potential.  It fosters growth in the theological and cardinal virtues and Christian and civic values.  In doing so, Siena Catholic Academy transforms the lives of its students, its families, its community, and, ultimately, the world.

We Believe:


Learning and living our faith is an essential component of education, promoting the development of a lifestyle committed to prayer, the practice of and continued growth in faith, and ongoing service to the community.


Mastery of an academic subject requires students to complete their work in a responsible, ethical manner. Students will gain an understanding of the world around them by asking questions and exploring information. Students will further enhance their learning experience through participation in extracurricular programs.


God calls us to be people of virtue whose moral decision making and social interactions are expressions of God’s grace and the love God bestows upon us.  Our words, actions, and intentions should be aimed at bringing about the Kingdom of God.