Principal’s Desk

Dear Families,

Welcome to Siena Catholic Academy. Siena is the only co-educational Catholic Middle School in Monroe County, and we dedicate ourselves to providing a safe, nurturing environment for our students; one that meets each student where he or she is. We provide students the opportunity to explore their world with confidence, and to develop the knowledge, skills and values that will assist them with becoming well-versed young adults.  Everything we do is geared toward supporting our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students during these most trying years, yet most important years. As you may have heard, teaching or working in a middle school can be daunting for some, while others thrive in that learning environment. And, I happy to state: We are thrilled to work with middle school-aged children as we believe it is the most influential time in their lives.

As the new school begins, it is filled with excitement and enthusiasm. It is a time for children to experience and engage in constructive learning opportunities, to explore extracurricular pursuits, meet new friends, and to find success in all areas of self. This includes respect for self and others, responsibility and accountability, and spiritual and academic growth. As outlined in our Belief Statements: We embrace the practice of the virtues of faith, hope, love, prudence, temperance, courage and justice.  We consider learning and living our faith as an essential element of Catholic education, one that fosters the development of a lifestyle committed to prayer, and continued service to the community. We believe students will achieve their potential by asking questions and exploring the world around them.

As our world changes, we strive to adapt what we do in the classroom to best support our students and families. We progress to meet its challenges and accept the benefits of such change. With that  change comes the possibility of  uncertainty and/or excitement, yet it provides the opportunity for our young people to explore, learn, and ultimately find themselves as they grapple with or effortlessly progress through these three most important years.

It was once believed that preteens could be wide-eyed and naive about what was happening around them, yet our children today are growing up more quickly, and while this can be difficult at times, we, in conjunction with our families, work to enlighten, support, and guide them in their journey. Their best interest is always at the center of our hearts.

In regard to developing the necessary skills needed to compete and thrive in the world-of-work and in their personal lives, we integrate the Learner-Centered Tenets in our classrooms as we wish to engage our students in their learning – in ways that are compelling, informed, collaborative, and productive.

The Tenets are focused around student learning, consequently, the teacher’s instructional practice is most important as to ensure that learning is achieved, and growth is evident. Each tenet emphasizes the importance of students working together in a constructive, meaningful, and respectful manner, as to learn, create, and build upon and question one another’s ideas.  This includes making real-life connections to what they are learning in class, asking their own questions to guide their learning, and using critical thinking skills to develop and define their understandings. Additionally, students will face challenging and rigorous curriculum, thus, assisting with the development of perseverance and problem-solving skills.

All of this is part of our collective effort to transform our school in ways that better serve our mission. Our work to improve the school and our community will continue as we work with your children in the coming school years. We will strive to continue our tradition of academic excellence and collective growth.

My very best,

David Carapella


Siena Catholic Academy is a coeducational Catholic middle school, located on the grounds of St. Thomas More Church at 2617 East Avenue in Brighton, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY in Monroe County and part of the Diocese of Rochester. Siena is accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.