English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Our Middle School English Language Arts program focuses on increasing the sophistication of students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Students learn to read more analytically in various genres. As academic reading materials become more challenging, our middle school English teachers also foster students’ independent reading habits. English teachers differentiate instruction for students of all cognitive abilities.

Siena Catholic Academy students in a round table discussion of a book in english class.

Siena Catholic Academy students in a round table discussion of a reading assignment in english class.

Writing instruction, in several genres, emphasizes organization, clarity, and creativity as students’ compositions grow in complexity and length. Students learn to develop and support an essay thesis.

Writing conventions, including spelling, punctuation, and grammatical usage, are taught in increasing detail in grades six through eight. Students are expected to gain independence in revising and editing skills.

Vocabulary development is stressed throughout the grades. Students learn research methods through various grade-level projects.

Speaking and listening skills are reinforced as students participate in oral presentations and practice note-taking skills.

We prepare our students for NYSELAT. When our Middle School students take the New York State English Language Arts Tests, they must demonstrate comprehension of detailed reading passages, write well-supported, organized essays, and respond accurately to material presented orally.