Sixth Grade Program

Our sixth grade program offers students a supportive environment in which to be challenged. The curriculum features interdisciplinary, project-based courses in the Humanities (History, English, and Theology) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) that meet for 78 to 83 minutes a day, so that students can actively explore their world and our cultural heritage in depth.

The Humanities course follows the chronological development of Western Civilization and its encounters with other cultures of the Eastern Hemisphere from the origins of human civilization to the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration.  The study of the literature and religion is integrated into this chronological framework.

The STEM course examines various scientific practices and subjects including the earth and the solar system, earth science, resources, force and energy, water ecology, and ecosystems.  Throughout this study, mathematical principles and engineering and technological methods and skills will be introduced when appropriate.

Siena Catholic Academy students using new Chromebooks for researching an assignment in Latin class.

Siena Catholic Academy students using new Chromebooks for researching an assignment in Latin class.

These block periods are marked by experiential activity, but students are also able to exercise their youthful exuberance during daily recess and a scheduled physical education class that meets three out of every four days.  

They participate in art and music every other day for forty minutes, sometimes with students in 7th and 8th grade, computer technology every other day, and Latin once every four-day cycle.  These courses are thematically coordinated with their Humanities and STEM courses. They also have forty minute sessions of Enhanced Math and Enhanced ELA every other day in order to provide them with an even stronger foundation in basic skills in these fundamental subjects.

Each student is issued a Chromebook to facilitate their research, collaborate with their teacher and classmates, and produce artifacts that demonstrate their mastery of the material.

Some students may also need structured academic support to bring their scores on NYS tests up to passing.  These students will get support in our Academic Intervention Program (AIP), twice a week, in lieu of a study hall.  There is more information about our AIP program below.
Sixth Graders are integrated into the whole school, but located in their own wing and allowed to form bonds of friendship with their classmates that will carry them through their three years here and beyond.