The middle school years are formative transitional years for students. Young adolescents undergo personal transformations: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and psychological.

Our School Counselor???s primary role is to work with parents and faculty in helping children manage these transitions positively and have a successful and productive school experience. In order to support the development of students, our School Counselor provides services to help empower students to make positive life choices.

Developmental Services are also provided by our School Counselor and are aimed at helping students negotiate age appropriate milestones of growth and development.

Support: Additionally, our School Counselor is available to support parents throughout the middle school years. In any setting, confidentiality will be maintained according to ethical guidelines for the American School Counseling Association.

Individual Sessions

The goal of individual counseling is to assist children in exploring their concerns, develop plans of action, and successfully follow through with an appropriate action plan. Individual counseling is short-term, with the number of sessions depending on the nature of the concerns. ??If a student has a need for long-term support, the School Counselor will work with the student and their parents to access resources in the community.

Group Sessions

Throughout the year, our School Counselor may offer small group sessions to benefit students in working with other students. ??Group sessions are tailored to the meet the specific needs of a targeted group of students and cover topics such as??Surviving Middle School, Coping with Grief and Loss, Handling Peer Pressure, and Communication with Family Members.


In the event of a crisis, resources from the community crisis team and Siena’s administration will collaborate with our School Counselor to provide comprehensive mental health support as needed to students, parents and staff.

Referral Information

A variety of services can be obtained from community agencies. If assistance is needed locating a service from an agency, our School Counselor will help to obtain the needed information.

Classroom Lessons

Our School Counselor works to support the Dignity Act for All Students by creating lessons for our Advisory Program. ??The lessons promote character traits such as perseverance, empathy and digital citizenship. ??In addition, lessons from the diocese’s Olweus curriculum are used to prevent all forms of bullying. ????Also, our School Counselor works with eighth grade students on program planning for high school.

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