Foci of the Religion curriculum is the life and message of Jesus and the seven ritual sacraments of the Catholic Church and exploring the roots of Church History and Catholic Morality.

The study of the life and message of Jesus: His parables, miracles, and teachings. We study the four gospels, analyzing their differences and similarities. We explore each gospel writer’s portrayal of Jesus through the mystery of the Incarnation. The students reflect on the Christian call to discipleship using the life of Jesus as a core resource. The students also research the lives of the Saints as examples of Christian heroes.

Seven ritual sacraments of the Catholic Church is the second foci and is studied in the following ways: history, Scriptural roots, rite and symbols, and efficacy of the sacrament/responsibility of the receiver. The study of the Mass, sacramentals, sacred vessels and vestments, symbols of Christianity, and a brief overview of the Bible complete the course.


Siena Catholic Academy students participating in their religion class.

Tracing the roots of the early Church through its councils, challenges, decisions, teachings, and responses to the changing world is one foci. This element of the course examines the people, places, ideas and events that shaped the story of the Catholic Church, always with an eye to its manifestation of core Gospel values.

Catholic Morality topics flow from this Gospel Call: the formation of conscience, moral decision making, virtues and vices, sin and redemption, and what it means to be a moral person in the Catholic Christian context.

The guiding principles of the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, Jesus’ Law of Love, Papal letters, Bishops’ letters, the Catholic Catechism, and Scripture are incorporated in our daily lessons.

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