7th and 8th Grade Curricular Program

Siena Catholic Academy stands proudly in the tradition of liberal arts education. We believe that a well-educated person is one who appreciates the breadth of human knowledge and seeks to further understand and to expand on that knowledge through open inquiry and critical reasoning. We further believe that a sound education includes instruction in virtue, so that the fruits of our intellectual pursuits bring honor to ourselves and peace and justice to the world. Our educational program is aimed at improving the lives of our students and our world so that we might all more realize God???s plan.

In the seventh and eighth grades, our students delve deeply into the various fields of human knowledge by following a schedule devoted to various disciplines: science, mathematics, American history, English, foreign language, the arts, and theology. They take courses in technology, physical education, business, and health. In all these subjects, we imbue our students with a love of learning and personal growth and prepare them for high school. In fact, we currently offer two high school level courses: Algebra and Living Environment.

While the courses stand alone as studies in specific disciplines, we benefit from opportunities to develop cross-disciplinary connections that emerge from a small school that has a creative and collaborative faculty. At various times throughout the year, our students might be studying Holocaust literature and the historical events of that tragic period or studying El Dia de los Muertos in Spanish while drawing the fanciful skulls associated with that holiday in art.

Thinking, discussing, reading, writing, calculating, drawing, singing, playing; these and other activities are the particular blessings we enjoy as humans and as people living in a free society. We celebrate and foster these activities at Siena and, in so doing, help our students reach their potential. The knowledge, skills, and values that our students develop at Siena set them on a course for success, not only in high school, but in life.

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