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Siena Catholic Academy Shadow Program

This program is designed for prospective students who want to spend a day at Siena Catholic Academy to get a first hand experience of our wonderful school. A Siena Catholic Academy Student Ambassador will be your guide throughout the day to answer all of your questions, bring you to classes, lunch, and introduce you to our facilities.

??Visit_SIena_01_webTo Schedule a Shadow Day

Arrange a half day off from your child???s current school. (Ideally your child will visit when their current school has a scheduled day off and Siena is in session.)

To set up a shadowing visit please call the school office at (585) 381-1220. ??

You can request a Siena student to shadow with if you know someone who currently attends. If you do not know a current Siena student, please give us a sense of your child???s interests so that we may pair him/her accordingly.

Your child???s shadow day will be between the hours of 7:45 AM and 12:34 PM. Your son or daughter should report to the main office at 7:45 AM, parent/guardian sign him/her in and from there our faculty will have his/her Student Ambassador greet them. If other times are more convenient, arrangements can be made when setting up your appointment.

Please have your son or daughter bring a lunch and wear, in accordance to Siena dress code: dress pants and a collared shirt or sweater.

Your child will meet you back in the main office at 12:34 pm for pickup.

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