School Closing

Weather Related Closing Procedures

School closing announcements will be made through the local media and will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Please note that if school is cancelled or closed, Siena Catholic Academy will be listed on local media in accordance to our local weather, due to weather conditions varying widely across Monroe county.

School closings as well as cancellation of activities, athletics and other school events, are based on the anticipated impact of inclement weather or other emergencies that may interfere with the health and safety of our students and/or staff.  

Every effort will be made to make such decisions in a timely manner. Should the principal decide to cancel after school and evening activities, announcements will be made in school and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please establish a early dismissal procedure with your son/daughter in the event of after school cancellations.

Sports Cancellations

In the event that a sporting event and/or practice is cancelled due to inclement weather, coaches will make an effort to alert parents by email, phone, or on Facebook and Twitter.

While coaches err on the side of caution when making these decisions, please keep in mind that conditions do vary from place to place.

NOTE: If school is cancelled, ALL after school sports, clubs, and activities – regardless of location – will be cancelled as well.